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IMG_0786Search and Rescue Niagara assists local police agencies when someone in our community is lost or missing without known cause!

SARN also provides a Hug-A-Tree safety program to local primary schools and youth groups, such as Brownie/Scout troops. The Hug-a-Tree proactive, preventative survival program engages children ages 5-12 in learning invaluable outdoor survival lessons in case they are ever lost in the woods. The program consists of a video on survival if lost in the wilderness, along with a presentation on the prevention of getting lost and how to make the find much easier for searchers, demonstrating these situations with our tracking dogs and their handlers.

This knowledge helps them remember information that can make the search for them short and successful. The main features of the program involve impressing upon children that they can help by looking after themselves and by assisting the searchers. This gives children and their families’ peace of mind, knowing they have the survival knowledge to keep themselves safe until help arrives. Children also feel more connected within their community, knowing that there are a lot of people who care about them and will find them when they are lost!

This program provides children emotional and physical well-being in the event that they are ever lost and in danger or in knowing they have the skills necessary in case something were to happen in the future. The Hug-a-Tree program is so vitally important because, when someone is lost, every minute counts!

We value the ongoing support of the communities we serve. If you have any inquiries regarding sponsorship, volunteering or community event coverage, please contact Nancy Haywood by email at [email protected].