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We are committed to offering reliable, effective, and timely First Aid and initial patient care service at community events. Every effort is made to fill as many requests as possible but our organization’s ability to do so is based on the number of St. John Ambulance volunteers available. This is particularly true during our peak season between April to September.
If your organization is planning a large venue event, please consider including St. John Ambulance in the planning process, in order that we may provide valuable input regarding safety, First Aid issues, and the level of support that can be reasonably expected from the Niagara Falls Branch.

Points to Note for Event Organizers:
St. John Ambulance volunteers will do their utmost within their training and experience to provide effective First Aid Coverage for the volunteers, participants, and spectators involved in your event. In order to do so they rely heavily on event organizers to have planned for and put into place the following:

  • Safety Plans: If event organizers have a Safety Plan for their event St. John Ambulance volunteers should be briefed on their role in that plan and to whom they will be reporting, in the event of an emergency.
  • Site for a First Aid Station: A site for a First Aid Station that will provide the possibility for shelter from the elements, noise and if possible, a degree of privacy for casualties. If the event organizer cannot provide an actual tent or room where First Aid can be conducted, St. John Ambulance will attempt to provide these facilities but will require adequate space for a small tent and/or parking for a van and/or mobile First Aid Post.
  • Signing / Announcements: Adequate signage and/or announcements throughout the event that clearly indicate the location of the First Aid Station.
  • Adequate Communications: Event organizers should make provision for communication that will allow St. John Ambulance volunteers to be made aware of casualties as soon as possible and to maintain communications with event staff as necessary.
  • Transportation: It is important that event organizers plan for evacuation of casualties. St. John Ambulance is not responsible for the evacuation of casualties within the event location or to a medical facility. A plan and resources must be in place to transport casualties to the First Aid Station, or First Aiders to the casualties or both.

Unfortunately due to the current economy resulting in a drop in support from our partners in the community, we regrettably are now charging a fee for service. Please see and fill out the attached Event Classification Reference Information Sheet. If you require clarification please contact the office and we will be happy to assist you. Shortly after your event you will receive a follow-up package in the mail. It will include a feedback form on our services.

Click here for the First Aid Coverage Request Form

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