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MFR Volunteers at Run for SJA Canada Day 2016MFR at Man A Mile Oct 2015

Our Medical First Responder (MFR) Division provides thousands of volunteer hours of first aid coverage each year in our Niagara Falls Community. Our MFRs provide onsite first aid at many public events such as parades, festivals, concerts and sporting events.  They train weekly to ensure that their skills are top-notch so that they are prepared to assist our communities in the event of medical emergencies, disasters, evacuations and to provide assistance at shelters.

Since MFRs are on-site at special events, they ensure that residents and tourists are assisted immediately when every minute counts, offering first-aid and CPR before paramedics, ambulances and police are able to arrive at the scene.

If you would like our MFRs to provide assistance at one of your events, please contact us at 905-356-7461 or email niagara.falls(at)on.sja.ca. This service is provided free of charge but the service is not free to provide. Please consider giving a donation in order to continue to support our MFR Division!

Call or email our office for more information about volunteering