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The Occupational Health and Safety Act requires any employer with more than twenty regular employees to establish and maintain a health and safety program which includes a Joint Health and Safety Committee.

In 2019, St John Ambulance is launching Joint Health & Safety Committee Certification Training in Ontario. As a recognized leader in first aid training across Canada, this training is the perfect complement to our commitment to health and safety overall.

St. John Ambulance is a recognized leader in First Aid by the Ministry of Labour. We are the standard that is listed in the Ontario Occupational Health & Safety Act and Regulations. St. John Ambulance is moving into this new segment of workplace training where few players have the Province wide capabilities that we have.

What is covered in Joint Health and Safety Committee Part 1:

  • Health and Safety and the law
  • Workplace Refusals
  • Duties and Obligations of a JHSC
  • Certifications
  • Hazard Management
  • Investigations
  • Critical injury accidents and deaths
  • Case Studies
  • When the Labour Board steps in
  • Resources for JHSC’s

Contact St. John Ambulance Branch Niagara Falls Branch for more information.