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“Canadian caregivers are the invisible backbone of the healthcare system, providing $25 billion in unpaid care.” – Canadian Cancer Society. With this unique program St. John Ambulance in partnership with the Order of St.Lazarus, extends the training of Canadians to address the important end-of-life needs that are often forgotten.


The overall goal of the Home Caregiver Support Program is to provide information and assistance to nonprofessional caregivers who are providing care for family members or friends suffering from chronic or terminal illnesses within the confines of their own home.  Caregivers can include other family members, partners, parents, children, and close friends. An introductory module explains the course and what palliative care is. This is followed by optional modules that speak to specific needs that are commonly present in palliative or hospice care.


For more information or to register for the online course, click here.