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This course is designed for the 9 and 10 year old group, to help prepare them to deal with unforeseen emergencies and staying safe in times where they may find themselves alone for short periods of time. Ideally, children should be supervised at all times by a responsible adult. However, many common events and situations can result in short periods where a child must take on the responsibility for themselves. St. John Ambulance believes that youth who are well prepared for the unexpected, will more confidently handle an emergency and be safer as a result.

Participants will learn how to deal with phone calls and visitors, recognize hazards and follow home safety procedures, first aid basics, healthy eating, fire safety and how and when to use 911 to obtain emergency help. This program is based on the course by the Canada Safety Council.

Duration: 3 hours.

Help your child build valuable skills for a lifetime. Through the Home Alone course, your child will learn:

  • Establishing a routine
  • House Key
  • Dealing with Strangers
  • Using the Telephone in an emergency
  • Feeling scared
  • Emergencies
  • In case of a fire
  • Severe storms
  • Basic First Aid and Safety Tips
  • Internet Safety
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St. John Ambulance Youth Instructor


100% attendance, skills demonstration, and comprehension of oral exam

Take-Home Materials

  • Student Activity Book
  • Certificate